Just call me Lars.

Larisa Martin, or as her friends call her, Lars, is a graphic designer from Detroit, MI (actually from Rochester, MI, but that's lame). She is a recent graduate from College for Creative Studies with a BFA in Graphic Design with a focus on motion graphics. Her interests include (among other things) tv, burritos, cats, dogs, singing (even though she's bad at it), wine, shopping, and sleeping.

As far as graphic design goes, typography is her first and strongest love, but Larisa also enjoys a combination of both motion and print design. She likes to create systems that can be applied to a variety of different mediums, and use process as a way to inform final design desicions. If you would like to contact her, Larisa can be reached by email at hello@larisagd.com or by phone at (248) 303-0211.

You can also download her resume here.