Lunar North Internship

Lunar North is a design, animation, and post production studio proudly based in Detroit, MI. They are collaborators, thinkers, and explorers, passionate about bringing brands of all shapes and sizes to life. I worked at Lunar North during the winter semester of my senior year. For the first half, I was in a small, hot office with eight boys, where we made stupid jokes, and worked on cool videos. For the second half, we moved in to a new, bigger office but pretty much did the same thing. My main responsibilities included working on anything and everything they needed me to as a designer and animator.

Thoughts In Space was the first project I worked on with Lunar North. I started my internship towards the end, so I wasn’t too involved with the design process. I did, however, help add the finishing touches on the piece by learning how to cell animate and adding the accent lines throughout the video.

Michelle Obama 360 was the project I was most involved with at Lunar North. Even though the typography, colors, and illustration style were dictated by the client (Vox), I created a significant amount of the assets. This project was really challenging because we had no idea how to make a 360 video, and we only had two weeks to make a 10-minute long video. Design, animation, year long renders, everything. There were a lot of late nights, a lot of loopy jokes, bad Spotify playlists made by my dad, and weird Snapchat face swaps involved.

Barton Malow: Base Camp II was the last project I worked on at Lunar North. I didn’t get to see it all the way through, but I was involved with the storyboarding process, client meetings, look and feel, and some of the initial animation.